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Caldur - Posted on 21 September 2010

You have probably already overheard that word - among friends, on press or TV. You have probably got interested. As you are here, you would probably like to "hit the

way" in person. If this is not your case, we have got Public information for you.



Well, we've chosen the kind of event. Let's be more specific about it now. Reading every single piece of information given, especially the rules, is a deffinitely good thing! In the case you hit on some more or less burning issue or it just appears in your mind, don't hesitate to ask the organizers. The lame tongue gets nothing.  However, the golden rule is 'Search at first, ask when can't find it anywhere.'. Organizers naturally do not like repeating the headline of thier websites over and over again.
Usually, you need to be signed up for the most of events, don't forget about it! For the most part it is during signing up when you choose your character, no matter whether race, nation, predefined character or whether you make up a character on your own.

Do think about it. Not only you're supposed to have a costume according to your character, you have to wear it all the event long. Oh, we've got one important quest before hitting the road: costume and other accessories.

As well as fine feathers make fine birds, fine costume makes fine role. if you're about to go for your first event, it's natural that you don't want to spend a lot of money on costume. Hence, I give you a piece of advice - be creative. Pretty and impressive costume can be made even with minor expenses. You can borrow some parts, for instance. Some parts can be picked out at secondhand, there're a vast number of possibilities.

Beware! Avoid!: 
• Bright or shining colours, unless it's a part of your character (no, any pink elf has no good use here).  
•Modern clothing such as jeans, fatigues, sweatshirts, sweatpants. If even so, I recommend canvas trousers or leggins in darkish colours. Modern clothes as few as possible and hide it so that it can't be seen even after a hard day's action.  
• Do not wear sport shoes, it's really, really awful. In case you want to beautify your footwear, try wrapping it with stripes of leather or fur and fasten by leather stripes or string, up to the half of your calves (you know, like Vigkings did). It's gonna look far better, you'll see. Wrapping your shoes up with a powertape is not a lucky idea at all.
• Even though watches might be useful, you'd better hide them. Being openly worn on a wrist - not very nice, not at all, my preciossss. During designing and making costume mind the room for a handkerchief, medicines or game items.

The undisputible part of some larps is fight. Hence, don't forget about suitable wapon and protection such as gloves (fencing) or goggles (airsoft).

We already know where, when, with what and as who we are going to. ZKONTROLOVAT INDIRECT QUESTION You can make no mistake, if you ask someone for helping you. The best place is the Internet, especially the forum of the event. If noone asnwers your call, don't be shy and ask someone right in the place about anything. These people have got the same hobby, were rookies as well and do not bite (out of their role, at least). 

I guess there's nothing left to say exept wishing good luck and fun to all beginners.


hellsing larp: even this belongs here


a bad costume: Jeans and wierd warapped-up shoes? Come on!


Protection: sometimes concerns photographers as well

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