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Caldur - Posted on 05 September 2010

Logo ASF Asociace Fantasy, o. s. 

LARP.cz is a community server dedicated to all who show some interest in LARP. It is run by ASF Asociace Fantasy, o. s. cooperating with Moravian LARP, o. s., externists and other volunteers.

The purpose is to make a website covering all the information which might be needed by players and organizers both before and after an event.


The information website about larp and LARP.cz; section References

- the event caledar
- the past events database
manuals and articles
- the groupsmembers and associations database
second hand and renting system
external links
- YouTube videos adding
- the Foreign Affairs space (and multilingualism of these websites)
- the possibilty of site hosting
- the skin changes and addings

To conclude, LARP.cz should cover pretty much everything useful concerning larp. If you think that some important part has been neglected, please inform us either here int he form of a commentary or via email: larp [at] larp [dot] cz


The Owner of LARP.cz: ASF Asociace Fantasy, o. s.

The Project Creator and Leader: Miroslav Tarenor Drozen - tarenor [at] larp [dot] cz

The Webmaster: Waltheri - webmaster [at] larp [dot] cz

The Head Cooperatist: Michal Mealtiner TruhlářMoravian LARP, o. s., mealtiner [at] larp [dot] cz

Other Cooperatists: Anna ProkopováMichal Lone Wolf KunstovnýAdam Kuře Jech

The Executive Editor: Kristýna Tamchynová - redakce [at] larp [dot] cz

The German translation: Tori

The English translation: Caldur

Helped by remarks on the beta version: Sharpe, Permon, Armus Bahnus and others.

The work started on: April 2009

The beta testing start: September 2009

In the full operation since: January-March 2010


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