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Caldur - Posted on 15 September 2010

Basic information about LARP for public.

What is LARP?

The word "LARP" is an abbreviation for Live Action Role Playing. It is a leisure time activity offering relaxation and kind of allows escape from everyday's worries. In the Czech republic, it is aimed especially at youth and adaults usually up to their late 20s. The majority of players build students or graduates of either high schools or universities.

The principle of such a game is a gathering of young people, where they get their "roles" (or "characters", if you will) and the players try to role play as convincingly as possible. The players representing their imaginary characters communicate with each other, solve conflicts, negotiate, etc. The final product is fun and pleasant memories for the rest of life. Such games support socialising, communication skills, physical condition and independence of every single player, while the same goes for relaxing, finding new friends, creativity, acquiring fair play sense... It could be also regarded as a cognitive therapy.

The term "wooderies" is used for events where maquettes of (not neccesirilly) medieval weapons are used insted of real ones. In the past days, they were usually made of wood, nowadays of carpet, foam and other materials as well. The first principle is safety of all players.

Special type of LARP, so-called battle, is simplier as far as organaziation and plot are concerned and already according to its name it is aimed at conflicts between different groups such good x evil, vampires x werewolves, etc. During the battle the core is fair play, strategy and tactics, the commander - soldier relationship.

May a layman or parent visit a LARP?

Of course he or she can! If you decide to visit a LARP, it does not actually matter what experience and physical condition you have or how old you are. Some take part often like photographers only. Nevertheless, if you do not want to get lost in the game and/or plot, you had better contact the organizers in order to provide you with information on the event's time schedule and rules concerning costumes. There may be rules how to distinguish between a player and someone who is not playing and/or basic costumes might be required, otherwise you could spoil the game setting or get hurt. Every willing organizer should oblige you.

It is not unheard of that when a parent who came with own child takes part. Some players have their own families already for a long time and they take their own children to these events. You can find a player over 40 as well.


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