Knights´ song, 7th run

Basic information
Date:5. - 8. November 2020
Type:Outdoor larp (Historie-jiná)
Number of participants:35
Other information:18+, Hra vhodná pro nováčky, Hra vhodná pro zkušené,
Place:Tankodrom Rančířov
Registration information
Participation:Nutné podat přihlášku

"My lord, allow me to be the one to accompany your daughter on the venture to the sacred grove," said the young knight kneeling in the middle of a spacious hall.
"Husband, you know very well that he has failed you before, more than once," whispered the lord's wife from behind the throne. "You cannot give him a task of such import!"
Then the voice of an old crone cut through the hall: "My lord, why does your wife require this young handsome knight to stay at the castle? Do you know what takes place in her chambers behind closed doors? The man has served you well and you will find none better to accompany your daughter."


 Knights' Song will transport you to the Czech region of Šumava

but not its boring, mundane form, where you'd go to lie on the beaches around Lipno or hike around a few tame hills.
Our Šumava is full of magic, miracles, and despair.
It is a land full of empty houses and clearings where only a few stones show the outlines of past villages.
The world of Our Kind. Knights with revolvers and swords on their belts; fair maidens and magical creatures. They all live amongst us and it is no coincidence that their society is a reflection of ours.
The international run will be the 7th run of the game altogether, and the game will be fully in English.