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Hello everyone.

I am a regular larper for over 10 years now from Zagreb, Croatia. I have received information that I will be spending my next summer semester in the year 2013 from february to july in Brno, Czech Republic, so I would like to take this opportunity to expirience what the Czech larp scene have to offer. I heard some great things, and would like to meet the players and play some during my stay in Brno.
I primarily focus in medieval fantasy larp, but I am open to new thigs.

So, I'm asking if anyone would be kind enough to explain to me what kind of larps are available in Brno or in the vicinity of Brno, and any other useful information I might need. Smile

Thank you.

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Great news.
If you will stay in Brno, you can contact me and my colleagues.
If you are on fb or skype, it will be better to comunication.
My contact can be found on my personal webpage:, or you can mail me directly on: mealtiner [at] larp [dot] cz


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Předseda občanského sdružení Moravian LARP, o.s.
email: mealtiner [at] larp [dot] cz

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